Tokenomics & Distribution

An overview of the currently proposed tokenomics for $RVNV.


Our team has crafted the preliminary proposal for the distribution of the $RVNV token, with a focus on the following objectives.

  • We aim to offer substantial incentives for players to participate and engage within the RavenVerse ecosystem, by implementing play-to-earn reward systems.

  • The availability of $RVNV will enable the RavenVerse team to carry out various growth-focused initiatives, such as hosting in-game promotions, lead growth oriented competitions in RavenVerse, sponsoring build and game creation contests, and more.

  • An initial allocation of $RVNV will be distributed to RavenVerse owners through a claim process. The $RVNV token will not only serve as a in-game currency but also provide access to RavenVerse-specific services, management, and professional teams for the development of their ingame planet(s). This is just the beginning, and we have plans for many more potential uses of $RVNV in the future.

  • The implementation of staking will allow RavenVerse owners to earn $RVNV over time, providing a secondary source of income and access to RavenVerse-owner specific functionalities and services within the RavenVerse ecosystem.

Play To Earn Rewards

Play-to-earn rewards provide players with the opportunity to earn $RVNV through the completion of quests, challenges, and winning competitions within the RavenVerse ecosystem. These rewards systems will be achieved through a combination of challenges and RavenVerse-specific challenges set by RavenVerse planet owners, to incentivize players to join their planets.

RavenVerse will offer fundamental building blocks and play-to-earn mechanisms for RavenVerse planet owners to effortlessly incorporate into their planets. Additionally, planet owners can create custom play-to-earn mechanisms, as long as they are approved by the RavenVerse team, that reward players from the play-to-earn reserve tokens.

The play to earn mechanisms that have their distributed $RVNV funded by the play to earn reserves are...

  • The RavenVerse team will provide pre-made play-to-earn mechanisms for RavenVerse owners to easily integrate into their RavenVerse for the benefit of their players.

  • RavenVerse owners have the ability to create custom play-to-earn mechanisms, which will be subject to approval by the RavenVerse team.

  • In addition to RavenVerse-specific play-to-earn mechanisms, we will also offer player-centric play-to-earn rewards that take into account a player's overall activity across all in-game planets, including, but not limited to, the total number of actions performed and the time spent actively engaged in the RavenVerse ecosystem.

Furthermore, RavenVerse owners have the flexibility to create their own $RVNV distribution mechanisms, where players can earn $RVNV tokens owned by the RavenVerse owner. This is expected to be a popular way to attract players to their in-game planets in the future.

Finally, the play-to-earn rewards will be closely linked to the in-game economics of $RVNV, enabling transactions between players and RavenVerse owners. RavenVerse owners will have the freedom to implement a range of incentives, upgrades, content access, and other possibilities, in exchange for $RVNV from players, effectively providing value to players.

Out of the total supply of $RVNV tokens, 50% or 2,500,000,000 tokens will be locked up and targeted for linear distribution over a 5-year timeline to players participating in the play-to-earn mechanisms.


A total of 500,000,000 (10%) $RVNV will be claimable over 2 different claimable periods. Each period airdropping 250,000,000 $RVNV.

Both claims will be distributed to wallet addresses holding eligible RavenVerse NFTs.

You can see all currently eligible collections here:


1,750,000,000 (35%) total $RVNV will be locked up and targeted for distribution over a 5-year timeline to RavenVerse owners who choose to stake their RavenVerse NFTs.

It's important to note that staking a RavenVerse NFT for 5 years is not a requirement. Rather, the distribution of these locked-up tokens is intended to be depleted around the 5-year mark from the start of staking.

Team Reserves

250,000,000 (5%) $RVNV will be secured in the RavenVerse team's treasury and earmarked for various initiatives, including in-game promotions, incentives for new builder partners, in-game events, and more."

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