Learn about the team behind RavenVerse.

The RavenVerse project is led by @phaxyvfx.

Leon "Phaxy" is a 22-year-old web3 artist and developer who has a passion for gaming and crypto. Inspired by the 2021 crypto bull market and NFT hype, Phaxy decided to develop his own NFT project. After researching various blockchain options, he discovered Ravencoin and was immediately impressed by its huge potential as it is very similar as Bitcoin.

In 2021, Leon also began learning 3D programs and creating his own artwork, which marked the beginning of his journey as a artist. His goal is to showcase his art and RavenVerse to as many people as possible, while also helping to grow the Ravencoin blockchain.

Through RavenVerse, Leon's vision is to create a massive web3 world where people from all over the world can connect and share their art, all on a decentralized blockchain where censorship is virtually impossible. The main focus of the project is the Play2Earn eco-system, which provides unique rewards and benefits for players and owners of the NFTs with a high potential of profits for everyone.

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