What is $RVNV?

Find out more about the coming $RVNV token.

$RVNV "RavenVerse Token" is a token built on top of the Ravencoin blockchain. Designed as the primary utility token for the RavenVerse platform, $RVNV will serve as the standard currency for all transactions and experiences within the metaverse. The official launch of $RVNV is scheduled for 2023.

Players will have the opportunity to use $RVNV tokens to access a range of exclusive experiences, items, perks, content, and more within RavenVerse. By exchanging $RVNV tokens with RavenVerse members, players will be able to acquire these items and experiences. All transactions will take place through a secure, in-game user interface connected to the Ravencoin blockchain.

The integration of $RVNV into RavenVerse has been carefully crafted to allow for maximum flexibility and creativity. RavenVerse members will have the ability to create nearly any in-game experience, perk, item, or content that can be accessed or participated in through the use of $RVNV tokens.

In addition, $RVNV will also be required for purchasing optional, custom RavenVerse character NFTs. As RavenVerse continues to grow and evolve, it is possible that $RVNV may be required for unannounced global RavenVerse perks and content in the future.

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