What is $RVNV used for?

All the things $RVNV can be used for.

You'll be able to use $RVNV for several exciting things.

Access To Exclusive Experiences

$RVNV tokens can be used to access unique in-game experiences, such as special events or limited-time game modes. These experiences are only available to those who hold the $RVNV token, making them highly coveted and sought after.

Access To Premium Content

$RVNV tokens can be used to unlock premium content within RavenVerse, such as additional levels, hidden areas, or new game modes. This content is only available to players who hold the $RVNV token, giving them an advantage over others who do not.

In-Game Items And Perks

Players can use $RVNV tokens to purchase special in-game items and perks. These might include things like cosmetic items, special abilities, or even early access to new content.

Unlocking And Craft Custom NFTs

Players can use $RVNV tokens to craft and unlock new custom NFTs, which represent unique and rare digital assets within RavenVerse.

Play To Earn

RavenVerse will implement mechanisms for players to earn $RVNV tokens by playing games in exoplanets. Additionally, planet owners may incentivize players to visit their planets through competitions, free to play games and more that reward players with $RVNV tokens.

Character NFTs

The $RVNV token can be used to purchase custom character NFTs within RavenVerse. These NFTs are unique and non-fungible, meaning that each one is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated.

Global Perks And Content

$RVNV tokens may also be required for unannounced global RavenVerse perks and content. This might include things like special events, exclusive items, or access to new areas within the game. By holding the $RVNV token, players will have the opportunity to participate in these exclusive experiences.

Increasing Engagement And Retention

By using $RVNV tokens to access unique experiences, items, and perks, players are more likely to stay engaged and active within the RavenVerse community, driving overall growth and success.

Future Uses

The $RVNV token will always be the primary token within the RavenVerse ecosystem. It will be integrated into any future use cases for our platform where it makes sense for the community and ecosystem.

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